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    i’m home alone i can do anything i want
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    no one will ever know
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    *plays Japanese songs full volume*
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    i dont want a job i just want paychecks


    ☆ Anime Fictive Network ☆

    apply || page || badge || nanami credit

    ☆ RULES:

    • must be following mods charlotte nanamikins and rei radyuri
    • must have AT LEAST one fictive from an anime, manga, or jpn game!
    • reblog this post, like for bookmarking!
    • if accepted, put the badge somewhere on your blog
    • must tag triggers
    • must check out all the other blogs in the network (you don’t have to be following all of them tho)
    • must track the tag #fictivenet
    • please be nice to the others!!
    • must not be bigoted or against social justice in any way!


    • make cool new fictionkin friends!!
    • get new followers!
    • join a super rad skype group
    • we can watch anime together B)))
    • and also do other things like play games and such!
    • promos, help w/ stuff, art, etc. (tag things as #fictivenet or #nanamikins)

    ☆ OTHER:

    • unlimited space!
    • no deadline, never closed!
    • you will not be rejected if you follow all the rules!
    • blogs similar to mine and rei’s are more likely to be followed by us

    have fun, and good luck!




    mbf me
    reblog this post
    fill in the application
    have your ask open so i can let you know if you’re accepted

    if you are accepted

    put the badge somewhere on your blog!
    check out the other member blogs


    new followers!
    meeting hecka rad people
    more gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun on your dash


    ok rly shit banner that i totally just didnt make in 3 minutes?? IM SORRY

    anyways, ive decided to make a lil network! a network for people who have a burning passion for sports animes and yaoi uwu 

    network page application form  badge


    → mbf me (senslay) and will check!
    (dw i’ll probably follow you back if you’re weeaboo trash like me)
    reblog this post! likers will be ignored
    → please fill out the application form
    → please put the badge somewhere on your blog if you’re accepted!
    → ya thats basically it lmao
    → if no one joins this will just go unnoticed and i will pretend that this never happened ok


    → new friends!
    → people you can rant with about your love for yaoi
    → people you can rant with about your love for sports animes
    → help with html coding, although im not v good at it but whatever
    → selfie reblogs! just tag “sports homo squad”
    → my friendship uwu

    there’s no member limit as of yet & i’ll probably pick people when this gets enough notes!

    also, if you happen to have an idea for another badge, message me!

    if you have any questions, you can always drop by my ask anytime! (✿◠‿◠) happy blogging!


    ▹ ▹ ▹ Team Dai-Gurren Net

    A place for fans of the TTGL series to hang out and make friends and cry about the series uwu

    network ▸ application ▸ badge ▸ badge credit

    • Must be following me, please check my archive before following.
    • Reblog this post, likes don’t count (but you can like for reference)
    • Must be an active blog, if you are inactive you will be excluded from the network.
    • Fill out this application!
    • Of course, you must be a fan of the series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan!! 
    • If accepted, you must put the badge somewhere on your blog
    • If accepted, you must check out the blogs of the other members (you can follow them if you’d like)


    • New friends who have similar interests as you
    • New followers / New people to follow
    • HTML help and other advice
    • More people to talk with about this glorious show ;;

    ✦other info:

    • Deadline is August 15th; looking for nine members, but if there is an increased interest in this I will probably add more positions.
    • You can refer to this page when apply for members of the brigade.
    • Pre-time skip pictures of the members are preferred when applying.
    • Feel free to comment on the playlist in my ask box, if you have recommendations or anything! It’s on the bottom left of the page.
    • After members have been chosen, the blog will be made private, or a separate blog will be made where all the members can freely chat with each other.
    • Also, please notify me (mirukiikissu) if you change your url, remake or want to leave so the network can be updated accordingly.
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    airplane? :)
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    *deep voice* aoba
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    me when i’m wearing new clothes

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